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Resilience – a Key Quality of Successful Leaders

Executive Consultant Thomas Gelmi Develops Resilience in Leaders Why is it that some people literally blossom during crisis situations, whereas others almost crack under pressure? People who manage to survive crises or failures possess a quality called resilience – a quality that is especially required in leaders. But what can an executive who is lacking … Weiterlesen »


Effectively Leading Change – with Consultant Thomas Gelmi

Change Management remains the No. 1 challenge in local and global management. Executive Consultant Thomas Gelmi Klingnau (Switzerland), April 2013 – When searching for literature about how to deal with change, the results are overwhelming: generates over 887″000 search results about „change“. Similarly abundant is the result of a web search about quotes related … Weiterlesen »


Exit problem trance! – With Executive Consultant Thomas Gelmi

Success factor solution-focus vs. problem focus as a basic mindset in business Klingnau (Switzerland), March 2013 – Who hasn“t yet experienced it: you have a more or less complex problem and are literally, well … stuck! Thoughts turn in paralyzing circles – around the problem. „This condition is often called problem trance or problem hypnosis“ … Weiterlesen »