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Effectively Leading Change – with Consultant Thomas Gelmi

Change Management remains the No. 1 challenge in local and global management. Executive Consultant Thomas Gelmi Klingnau (Switzerland), April 2013 – When searching for literature about how to deal with change, the results are overwhelming: generates over 887″000 search results about „change“. Similarly abundant is the result of a web search about quotes related … Weiterlesen »


Exit problem trance! – With Executive Consultant Thomas Gelmi

Success factor solution-focus vs. problem focus as a basic mindset in business Klingnau (Switzerland), March 2013 – Who hasn“t yet experienced it: you have a more or less complex problem and are literally, well … stuck! Thoughts turn in paralyzing circles – around the problem. „This condition is often called problem trance or problem hypnosis“ … Weiterlesen »