Fire damage restoration without high pressure, water and chemicals

Environmentally friendly without high pressure, water and chemicals

Fire damage restoration without high pressure, water and chemicals

residue-free fire damage restoration

Fire damage restoration with vacuum blasting
environmentally friendly without high pressure, water and chemicals
Fire damages are often a difficult task for the renovators. After a fire, the walls indoors must be completely cleaned. By conventional means which work without a closed cycle, like e.g. a pressure washer or dry ice blaster, that is hardly possible.

With the cleaning machine Tornado ACS, the areas are cleaned without burdening the environment. Because of the closed cycle the removed soot remains in the cleaning machine. The Tornado ACS cleaning system enables an uncomplicated and clean fire damage restoration. In contrast to a pressure washer or sand-blaster, you can work without protective clothing.

The fire damage shown in the photo is in the hall of a skyscraper. In the first attempt, the latex wall was washed, which did not lead to the desired result. The cleaning with the vacuum blast technology leaves a brilliant white surface without any residue. The Tornado ACS cleaning machine can be used for both inside and outside, the possible area performance depending on the pollution is about 2 to 4 square meters per hour.

For fire damage restoration with the Tornado ACS cleaning machine all worn fire residues remain in a closed circuit and are disposed of only after the end of the operation. Special health and safety measures or protective clothing are not necessary, no respiratory protection must be worn while working in closed rooms.

The patented vacuum blast technology enables a clean and environmentally friendly working. The cleaning device is set up in a few minutes and ready to use. The costly disposal of contaminated cleaning materials omits as it is cleaned without high pressure, water and chemicals.

With cleaning machine Tornado ACS, you can not only make an effective fire damage restoration, but also remove algae, moss, rust, saltpeter and graffiti without leaving residues on facades, walls and house walls. In this case, the cleaning device is easy to use for everyone.

High pressure cleaner, sand-blaster and dry ice blasting are well known. But the procedures have a large common disadvantage. The dissolved dirt and partially the blast media are not collected. Meanwhile cleaning companies are obliged to collect the residues and dispose them properly, which results to an enormous effort of cost and time.

systeco stands for effective and environmentally friendly cleaning procedures. The company salvages for solid quality and long-life products. Since 2005 we are experts for difficult and persistent surface contaminations. On our website you can get all information of the systeco cleaning and is various application possibilities.
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