Live at the FESPA Europe 2017 Ghost White Toner Transfer

Live at the FESPA Europe 2017 Ghost White Toner Transfer


White prints on fabrics and other materials is nothing totally new. Unfortunately, the most white printing solutions are expensive systems designed only for this single purpose.

With Ghost White Toner, though, printing and transferring white designs is cost-effective and easy.

Ghost GmbH, a start-up from Düsseldorf, Germany, presents its toner transfer solution for everyone. By replacing the black toner cartridge with the Ghost White Toner cartridge every laser printer can be turned into a white ton-er printer. White designs can be printed directly onto transfer foils, stickers and colored paper. Ghost White Toner cartridges are available for a large number of different HP, Canon and Lexmark laser printers.

White prints can be transferred to all kinds of materials such as fabrics, glass and ceramics to create unique gifts and products by using appropriate transfer media. Ghost relies on the proven quality of FOREVER-OTS products like Laser-Dark, Multitrans und Flex-Soft that can be purchased in the Ghost online shop.

In addition to the white toner cartridges Ghost offers attractive starter packages, the Ghost Bundles, including an HP Color Laserjet, a Ghost White Toner cartridge and more for getting started with white toner printing right away.

Ghost also offer a NEON Color Printer. Neon toner is fluorescent under black light and gives customers the opportunity to achieve great optical effects like a 3D effect. The Ghost Neon printing solution also supports white toner for white print-ing. The Neon printer can be experienced live at FESPA 2017.

Visit us at the FESPA Europe 2017 May 8th – 12th , in Hamburg and see for yourself how easy white printing and toner transfer is with Ghost White Toner.

You will find us at Hall B6 – Stand B65

Ghost GmbH aus Düsseldorf ist ein 2015 gegründetes Start-Up, das den Weißdruck auf Laserdruckern erstmals einer breiten Kundengruppe öffnet. Firmengründer David Kandelhardt ist seit 15 Jahren in der Drucker-Branche aktiv. Ghost will den Weißdruck auf Laserprintern salonfähig machen.

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