Möller Horcher PR wins online payment provider Heidelpay as a new customer http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/news/press-releases/en-eigenmeldungen-singleansicht/article/moeller-horcher-pr-gewinnt-online-payment-provider-heidelpay-als-neukunden.html

Möller Horcher wins Heidelpay over with its B2B communication know-how http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/range-of-services/media-contacts.html

Möller Horcher Public Relations GmbH, an Offenbach-based agency http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/company.html specialised in business-to-business communication for IT and high-tech companies (www.moeller-horcher.de), has acquired a new customer http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/news/press-releases.html: Heidelberger Payment GmbH, short: Heidelpay, which has its head office in Heidelberg (www.heidelpay.de). Heidelpay is a leading online payment service provider and handles payment transactions for e-commerce companies throughout Europe using all established Internet payment procedures. Möller Horcher PR consultant Julia Baumgärtel http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/news/press-releases/en-eigenmeldungen-singleansicht/article/julia-baumgaertel-verstaerkt-das-consulting-team-von-moeller-horcher-public-relations.html will be in charge of the communication measures http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/range-of-services.html for Heidelpay.

“We are the only independent Internet payment provider that is certified by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht, short: BaFin) as a payment institution. In order to use this advantage to further improve our position on the market, we were looking for a PR agency that not only understands our service range well but is also an expert in B2B communication,” explains Mirko Hüllemann, Managing Directors of Heidelpay. “One of our partners already works successfully with Möller Horcher http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/references.html and recommended the Offenbach-based agency to us. Our first impression was very good and a pilot project http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/range-of-services/press-relations.html convinced us that we have found an agency in Möller Horcher that works just as reliably http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/range-of-services/strategic-consulting.html and professionally as we do.”
About Möller Horcher PR
Möller Horcher Public Relations GmbH (www.moeller-horcher.de) is a PR agency specializing in the IT and high-tech industries http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/company/philosophy.html, with more than 40 clients, primarily from the business-to-business sector http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/company.html. The team around Gabriele Horcher (43) and Thomas Möller (48) is made up of 20 employees in Germany. Since the agency was established in 2000, Möller Horcher has offered specialized PR services http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/range-of-services.html with variable, customer-specific pricing models that include project fees, monthly retainers, performance-based fees and analytical performance-based fees http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/company/success-oriented-fee-structure.html. In PR performance control, Möller Horcher uses such quantifiable factors as a visibility index, effort index and visibility/effort ratio http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/range-of-services/pr-controlling.html. Möller Horcher PR is based in Offenbach and operates offices in Freiberg outside of Dresden. Möller Horcher works with partner agencies http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/network.html in France http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/network/partner-agency-france.html, UK http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/network/partner-agency-uk.html, Italy, Spain http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/network/partner-agency-spain.html, the Netherlands http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/network/partner-agency-netherlands.html and the USA http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/network/partner-agency-usa.html. In addition, Möller Horcher is a member of ION, an international PR network.

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