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OmniCam360°, Ultra Light Lens Drive and ActionCam 3D-rig

Solectrix, the German embedded specialist and systems supplier, presented brandnew applications and especially lightweight 2D and 3D-accessoires from Anadicon for its famous small-size sinaCAM at the IBC 2014 at Amsterdam

OmniCam360°, Ultra Light Lens Drive and ActionCam 3D-rig

The 360° panorama OmniCam hiding 10 Solectrix SinaCAM heads inside

Ten HD-sinaCAM camera heads developed by the German imaging-experts of Solectrix and Anadicon can be found in the OmniCAM all-around 360° camera system, which just has been presented by the Fraunhofer HHI-institute at Berlin. The 16kg lightweight panorama solution, which is just shown by Solectrix internationally for the first time at the IBC 2014 at Amsterdam, offers great opportunities for adventure parks, sports or cultural events, museums or advanced experimental film crews all over the world. “With its special mechanical and optical features based on a 36 degree-mirror-system, this new and very robust OmniCAM-360 camera enables optimal arrangement of multiple HD cameras for parallax-free stitching of video panoramas in high quality”, says Christian Weissig, Project Director at Fraunhofer.

On accessoires, a especially lightweight Ultra Light Lens Drive ULLD-100 will be presented, which is optimized for all Chrosziel Aladin lens driver controls and compatible with all C-mount lenses. Because of the new lightweight drive system developed by Anadicon, the fully assembled ultra light sinaCAM LT 2D broadcast system”s weight is less than half a kilogram (17 oz).

To simplify the handling of this very small and light system hardly larger than a big apple, Solectrix recommends to try one of the new portable dollys developed by Munich-based company Polly System.

On 3D, Solectrix at this year”s show is also going to proof, that “lightweight” and “stable” are by no way contradictory: The CODEX ActionCAM will be shown at a ultralight side-by-side 3D rig from Stereotec to perfectly meet the needs of professional 3D content creation. Long-time adjustments are getting much easier that way. “ActionCAM and the new Stereotec rig are a great combination, because the 3D rig perfectly fits into the ActionCAM product philosophy. It is ultra lightweight, guarantees accurate balanced camera movement and the digital counters ensure best usability and upmost precise settings of interaxial distance and angulation of 1/10 millimeter”, Solectrix-CEO Stefan Schuetz, explains.The ActionCAM has debuted at last year”s IBC show. While keeping the remote head’s sensor technology, engineered by Anadicon, and thus the excellent dynamic range of the sinaCAM, the Action CAM offers extended functionality and improved workflow thanks to the software and circuitry modifications done by Solectrix:
– RAW Capture
– Additional Shutter Sync Compatability
– RGB, ProRes and Avid DNxHD Output Formats

Bildrechte: @Fraunhofer HHI, Berlin

The 50-head team of the Nuremberg-based Solectrix GmbH – guideline “innovative thinking in embedded electronics” – is getting involved, when special requirements for the processing and compression of images are necessary, or when it comes to producing multilayer high-performance layouts and the processing of extremely large data flow. The Solectrix team firstly demonstrated its skills on professional camera technology with the development of the Arri Alexa. Further developments in the laser and medical technology as well as in the automotive sector highlight the potential of Solectrix’ camera-systems and its developers when it comes to precise and fast high-end data processing. (

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