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Out of plumb: Population development by 2050!

Supported by PSC municipal address lists, email marketing and a dynamical, inter-municipal cooperation can open up new ways to communicate targeted with municipalities.

Out of plumb: Population development by 2050!

Population development in EU member states 2005-2050

The illustration above clearly shows: One of the biggest challenges for government, economy and society represents already today the demographics.

The causes of the lack of population growth are well known: Low birth rates and a steadily increasing life expectancy of generations provoke a general attack. Therefore, some regions will rise up as winners of the demographics and others fall down as losers.

How does the demographic trend impress the public administrations and their millions of employees?

Some results will emerge in the next few years: the population and the infrastructure will change radically in some counties, cities and municipalities.

The range of services of public administrations with culture, museums, schools, swimming pools, nurseries, day care centers, sports facilities, roads, homes, libraries, public transport, energy, waste disposal, etc. will require major challenges.

At first glance in this situation helps only a clear vision about future and competitive jobs with unique features. Creativity, innovation and new ideas are required.

A new approach, in addition to increased transparency and cooperation in public administration, is the dynamical form of inter-municipal cooperation, based on e-mail marketing.

By personalized and municipal PSC address lists of the local decision makers, over 54,600 office executives in Germany can be contacted in seconds. This provides additional competitive advantages and enables new possibilities in inter-municipal task fulfilments.

The dynamical form of inter-municipal cooperation is based on specific task orientation and communicates personalized and targeted to groups across all administrations and regions throughout Germany.

No matter, whether it revolves around multi-channel enabled projects in municipal sector or sales campaigns, marketing campaigns, public opinion polls, work safety or market research campaigns.

All what is required for this are our municipal PSC address lists.

For this, our customers and prospects can choose to over 54,600 captured and personalized PSC municipal addresses 2012/2013 to their desired field of decision-makers in the following target groups:

+ Lord Mayors / Mayors / district administrators / chairman;
+ Main offices / central control;
+ Construction departments;
+ Civil engineering offices;
+ Public works;
+ Finance departments, treasurer;
+ Registration offices;
+ Personnel departments;
+ IT (information technologies) departments;
+ and Regulatory offices.

In addition to the personalized contact, we also provide for each city or county with a mouse click qualified and detailed location information. And for that, we charge only a one-time purchase price. High address timeliness and quality already included.

By support of direct marketing and personalized, targeted PSC municipal address lists, quickly and accurately new business can be discovered.

For more information about our PSC municipal address lists we recommend to visit our website

Public Sector Consulting
Mr. Berthold Jerg
Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
General Manager
Winkelhalde 21
D-88471 Laupheim

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Public Sector Consulting is a management consultancy for companies and the public sector who offers sales and marketing services as well as municipal address lists. Our business is to expand the business relationships of our customers by personalized and targeted contact communication with municipalities throughout Germany.

Public Sector Consulting
Berthold Jerg
Winkelhalde 21
88471 Laupheim

Berthold Jerg
Winkelhalde 21
88471 Laupheim

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